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We have an articulation agreement between the Metropolitan community Colleges and Kansas City Joint
Apprenticeship Training Center.  This agreement provides students who have completed the JATC five
year apprentice program the opportunity to complete an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Industrial
Technology at the Metropolitan Community Colleges.  Students meeting the guidelines for this program
articulation agreement will be responsible for successfully completing the following 20 credit requirements.

General Education Requirements
Earn College Credit During Your Apprenticeship
Receive Your Associate Degree In Applied Science
ENGL 101                Composition and Reading I                                                 3 credits
Specific Program Requirements
CSIS 115               Introduction to Microcomputer Applications                        3 credits
              Electrical Apprenticeship                                                     42 credits

Total Credit Hours                                                                                            63-65 credits

Federally approved inside wiring apprenticeship program that contains a minimum 750
clock hours of classroom instruction and 8,000 clock hours of on-the-job training for
I.B.E.W. apprentices.
If we can generate enough interest in this program, we will be able to hold these classes at the Training
Center.  Please contact the Training Center at 816-942-3242 to take advantage of this unique opportunity to
receive your Associates Degree.
  • Receive 42 college credit hours from the Metropolitan Community College System upon completion
    of your five year apprenticeship.
  • Associate Degree hours may be transferred to Central Missouri State University toward a four year
    Bachelor in Technology with Construction Management emphasis.
Articulation Agreement Benefits
Kansas City
Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Center
Any course numbered 100 or higher from the following disciplines:
GEOG (except 104 or 110), HIST, HUMN, MSCM, MUSI, PHIL,

PSYC, SIGN, SOSC, SOCI, SPDR                                                         3-5 credits
HIST 120                  American History to 1865 or
HIST 121                  American History
for 1865 or
POLS 135                
 Introduction to Political Science or
POLS 136                
 Introduction to American National Politics or
POLS 137                
 Intro to State and Local Politics                                          3 credits
SPDR 100                Fundamentals of Speech                                                    3 credits
MATH 103                Technical Mathematics I and
MATH 104                Technical Mathematics II or
MATH 120                College Algebra and
MATH 103                Trigonometry                                                                           6 credits